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  • Are you insulin dependent?
  • Are You currently paying out of pocket for your insulin because you have no insurance and limited coverage?
  • Are you constantly struggling month by month?
  • Than ReferralRx can help!!!
  • We guarantee to save customers 40%-50% off their insulin retail price through our program

Save Time!! Save Money!!!  100% GUARANTEED!

Welcome to ReferralRx

With Our program ReferralRx. Discover How We Can Help You Live A Healthier Life And Save Thousands On Your insulin Without Draining Your pockets Like The Big Pharma Do

At ReferralRx, we care about our loyal customers – and we show it too. We offer a great refer-a-friend program in which you can earn $25 off your next refill. We also send out customer appreciation emails throughout the year that have coupons, vouchers, free shipping offers, refill discounts, chances to win free vacations and more. Please provide us with your email during signup.

Unfortunately, our four-legged friends have some of the same health elements as we do. If you currently have an animal on insulin and currently paying retail, then you to can benefit from our program by submitting a valid prescription from your Veterinarian.

At ReferralRx, our main concern is our customers’ wellbeing. We pride ourselves on the following:

  • TRUST: : We are used and trusted by hundreds of patients and doctor offices throughout the USA. We have earned and maintained a good reputation for building patient’s’ trust. We offer quality service and meet our customer’s delivery demands.
  • RELIABLE: At ReferralRx, our word is our bond! We do our best to negotiate with our partner pharmacies to get you the lowest prices we can on your insulin and make sure that our pharmacists give you high-quality care.
  • AFFORDABLE: We make insulin more affordable by giving you 40% to 50% off your retail price.Guaranteed!
  • DELIVERY: Through ReferralRx our customers will receive fast and prompt delivery Please note that: we cannot accept any returns once the insulin has left the pharmacy and is it on its way.
  • HEALTH DISCOUNT PLANS: We offer discounts on other health services through our health discount plans. Our mission is to help middle-aged and aging individuals that are insulin dependent with no insurance experience a healthier life, our programs can help you and your family save thousands of dollars yearly on services like dental, vision, lab work, medication, an on-call doctor and more etc. To find out more about our discount plans please visit www.discountmymeds.com or call us direct on 888-381-6675.
  • REFERRAL: At ReferralRx we care about our loyal customers and we show it to. We offer a great Refer-a-friend program in which you can earn $25 off your next refill. We also send out customer appreciation emails throughout the year that Will have coupons vouchers, free shipping offers, next refill discounts and chances to win free gateways and more so make sure you let us with your email.
  • PAYMENT OPTIONS: Pay by check by mail or over the phone, e-check, money orders by mail, credit card,paypal.
  • GENERAL QUESTIONS OR QUOTES: Email:cs@referralrx.com.
    To submit patient information or prescriptions, please email script@referralrx.com or fax 888-381-6675.
    For inquiries regarding existing orders or tracking shipments, please email cs@referralrx.com Note: all insulin is shipped in insulated fridge cooler for absolutely free. Referral Rx to received your discount each month, by submitting a new or refill form from yourself or your doctor by email, fax, or by calling us direct. Please submit your request 7 to 10 days advance. Once we receive your request, one of our referral advisers will contact you for verification.